What’s it all about?

This website, developed by the Minerals Council South Africa (Minerals Council), which supports and promotes the South African mining industry, provides resources for teachers and learners to reinforce, enhance and extend learning. The content aligns with the Grade 12 Economic Geography of South Africa: Mining section of the South African Department of Basic Education’s Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).

The information is designed to supplement prescribed learning material and set text books and is intended for learners in grades 10 to 12. The material will be particularly useful for those studying economic geography and related subjects.

We began with covering all aspects of gold mining and followed this with diamond mining.

In the months to come, we will cover other metals and minerals found and mined here in South Africa.

Whether you are a learner, a teacher or a parent, we hope you will find this information useful and that you will be encouraged to learn more about our important industry.

And maybe one day some of you will become part of and contribute to the South African mining sector, bringing to it your knowledge, skills, optimism and confidence.

We hope you will enjoy this journey through the mining industry of South Africa.